About Us

Wellzo is a Health and wellness promotion organization advocating people to control their own health to improve their quality of life through a wide range of interventions in various levels of the community by changing health behavior. We offer complete Health and Wellness solutions either individual, community or corporate levels.


Our Vision

To create a healthy community culture that educates, motivates and empowers people excelling on the highest quality of life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate optimum health by integrating all levels of the community including families, neighbourhood, education institutes, clinical settings & corporate organizations

Our Founder:

Dr. Naina M.S Graduated with M.S in Health and Sports sciences as major in Health Promotion from University of Memphis (USA) and BAMS Ayurvedic doctor by profession. She has always been passionate about motivating people to reinforce health and wellness to improve overall quality of life through healthy diet, physical activity and life style on the grounds of Ayuvreda and Yoga. Her expertise would include but not limited to, Healthy lifestyle, Weight management, Stress management, Health counselling,Chronic disease management, Ayurvedic medicine, Mindful eating, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercises and Exercise prescription. She strongly believes that Health is an Honor that is accomplished through clean vision, perseverance, confidence, and self-awareness within ourselves.

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